Diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are reliable in children as young as 14 months, new data show. That is 2 to 3 years younger than the age at which children usually receive the diagnosis — a difference that could allow children to receive treatment during a critical growth period for the brain. The findings underscore the […]

Profound religious experiences are linked to lasting mental health benefits, new research suggests. In a survey study of more than 4000 individuals, those who reported having profound personal experiences with “ultimate reality” or God, whether spontaneously or through use of a psychedelic drug, often reported lasting, positive changes in their psychological health even decades after […]

ORLANDO, Florida — Helping patients with schizophrenia who smoke kick their tobacco addiction is a matter of life or death, experts say. Not only do patients with schizophrenia smoke at a much higher rate than the general population, but smoking is a major cause of premature death in these patients, making effective cessation treatments essential. “Individuals with schizophrenia are […]

LISBON (Reuters) – Fighting the stigma surrounding mental illness can be a battle but a new studio in Portugal’s capital Lisbon is using arts and creativity to help those affected in a free and easy environment. One in five Portuguese suffers from mental health issues, according to a report published by OECD last year, which […]

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Two rarely encountered genetic variants that already have roles in dementias also appear to be associated with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), according to a large genetic study. For example, as Dr. Lindsay A. Farrer told Reuters Health by email, “mutations in one of the genes (NOTCH3) had been previously implicated in […]

La psichiatria forense è una branca della psichiatria che assiste le persone affette da disturbi mentali che rappresentano un rischio per il pubblico. La disciplina valuta e tratta i criminali nelle carceri, negli ospedali di sicurezza e i membri della comunità affetti da disturbi mentali. La specialità studia inoltre la correlazione tra i disturbi mentali […]

Lentiggini, labbra voluminose e pronunciate come dopo un’iniezione da botulino, zigomi alti e scolpiti come dopo una chirurgia estetica, o addirittura viso lucido che ricorda quello di un alieno, o segnato dai tracciati che servono ai chirurghi per operare. Non e’ fantasia ma realta’. Sono i Plastic Filter di Instagram, che da qualche mese hanno […]

Allarme “treatment gap”. In Europa è il 23%. I dati presentati al Congresso nazionale della Società italiana di psichiatria in corso a Torino

Un eccesso di glutammato nel sistema limbico del cervello potrebbe essere alla base del disturbo neurologico funzionale. Lo studio italiano riscrive la storia della malattia e apre a interessanti risvolti pratici

NON solo chirurghi, infermieri e medici al pronto soccorso. A scarseggiare, in Italia, sono anche gli psichiatri.

Limbic-predominant age-related TDP-43 encephalopathy (LATE) is a specific type of dementia that mimics Alzheimer disease (AD) but is caused by TDP-43 protein deposits in the brain rather than beta-amyloid accumulation and mostly affects people older than 80 years, says a consensus working group convened by the US National Institute on Aging. LATE has “an expanding but […]

GLASGOW, Scotland — Adolescents undergoing bariatric surgery should be warned that, over and above weight loss, it will not alleviate mental health problems they may have, urge Swedish clinicians after finding ongoing psychiatric diagnoses and treatment even 5 years after the procedure. The findings were presented here at the European Conference on Obesity (ECO) 2019 by psychologist […]

Physicians do not consistently follow the 2016 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) opioid prescribing guideline, potentially jeopardizing patient health and safety, experts say. Although the medical community has largely embraced the advice for safer opioid prescribing to reduce opioid-related harms, some policies and practices purportedly derived from the guideline have been inconsistent with, […]